Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It (Viceroy ‘Jet Life’ Remix)”

montell jordan - this is how we do it (viceroy remix)

It’s a common fact: No matter how crappy a day you’re having, hearing Montell Jordan croon out the title of “This Is How We Do It” in the opening seconds of his 1995 debut No. 1 is guaranteed to make all those troubles quickly recede to the left, replaced by the overwhelming feel-good of the track’s Slick Rick-sampling beat and Jordan’s timeless ode to South Central-style partying.

As the latest installment in his “Summertime, all the time” ‘Jet Life’ remix series, Cali producer Viceroy‘s “ISHWDI” remix may lack the New Jack punch of the original’s reheated “Children’s Story” groove, but pairing the classic “big G” anthem with a jubilant, island-esque synth-bounce that oozes summer fun out the speakers proves just as satisfying in offering temporary relief from the day-to-day gray.

Montell approves this message. And so do we.

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