Paris 96 (Theophilus London x Jesse Boykins III) “Afternoon”

paris 96 - afternoon

On the heels of lighting up music blogs worldwide with his guest turn on Club Cheval’s irresistible flip on Rihanna’s “Jump”, the ever-busy Theophilus London has hopped on to a new project, Paris 96, a collaboration with R&B singer-songwriter Jesse Boykins III (himself, fresh off his own side duo project, the MeLo-X-accompanied Zulu Guru).

Considering the respective catalog of both artists, quality and creativity is expected, but while we’ll have to wait until April to hear their debut EP in full, first single “Afternoon” should no doubt hold fans over in the interim, the Xaphoon Jones-produced midnight jam painting an effective erotic seduction via London’s XXX-laced poetics and Boykins’ soulful, panty-peeling crooning.

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