The Strokes “All The Time”

the strokes - all the time

Reading like some sort of self-correcting reaction to the polarizing response that greeted previous cut “One Way Trigger” and its (at least to our ears, exciting) falsetto/ new wave/ “Take On Me” left turns, The Strokes veer back Strokes-“traditional” on new offering “All The Time”, the “official” lead single to the band’s upcoming Comedown Machine full length.

Sure to satisfy a large chunk of those who long for The Strokes to simply recreate Is This It over and over with every new album, “All The Time” basically checks all the boxes in a typical “Strokes song”. Lackadaisical Casablancas croon? Check. Solid garage rock chug? Check. Cool guitar solo? Check. Admittedly, it’s a formula that still carries a certain appeal, but for all the style’s welcome familiarity, “All The Time” also just feels a tad bit flat and uninspired, the sign of a bored band going through the motions because they feel it’s what the masses want.

Here’s to hoping that the album’s overall tone manages to find some pleasant middle ground between its two wildly different first tastes.

Comedown Machine is due March 26th, but available for pre-order starting February 19th.

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