PartyClub “Footsteps”

Sure, we need another dance-pop act in our personal playlists like we need a hole in the head but there is something refreshing about what newcomer York, UK pop duo PartyClub (Thomas Banks and Alex Belvoir) have been cooking up in their own particular brand of the culturally dominant form, folding many of the formulaic […]

Beyonce “I Been On (Remix)” featuring Bun B, Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug & Lil’ Keke/ “Bow Down (Boyfriends Extended Remix)”

New album lead singles from big pop stars tend to be treated like summer blockbuster events, so of course when Beyonce, arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now, decided to go ahead and preview her next LP with a two-song-in-one snippet combo, everybody, their mama and the their house pets raced to […]

Phoenix featuring MKS “Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)”

Reason No. 4,762 why Dev Hynes simply needs to go ahead and put his creative stamp on everything: his ‘Blood Orange’-revamped spin on Phoenix’ latest single “Entertainment” which not only gives the now video-accompanied track a surprisingly convincing transformation from classic upbeat Phoenix romp to soulful midtempo ballad, but finds Hynes treating the remix like […]

Japan Soul “Transparent”

Etched firmly on our “one to watch” radar following the left-field delights of debut single “Plastic Utopia”, a perplexing, yet oh-so-smoove bridging of 80’s-era art rock and blue-eyed soul, three-piece Brooklyn indie Japan Soul (Jason Paul, David Rozner and DaVe Lipp) succeed in furthering our intrigue with follow-up “Transparent”, a stunning, retro-pop-hued masterwork of disco, […]

Future “No Love”

In theory, no one should really like Future‘s half-drunken, overdosed-on-Auto-Tune, R&B shower singing ramblings: it’s tonally abrasive, often off-key and really, just plain weird; yet there we are anyway, hollering along with his glitched-over croons whether croaking about waking up in Bugatti’s or the glorious benefits of a “good kush and alcohol” combination or tapping […]

RAC featuring Liz Anjos “Lovefool (The Cardigans Cover)”

Back in 2011, Portland-based remix/ production giants RAC offered a “thank you” for fans helping them cross over the 10,000 Facebook friend mark with a pretty nifty cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ timeless “1979”. In celebration of that number now exceeding 30,000, RAC have gifted their followers with yet another cover song freebie pulled from […]

Junip “Your Life, Your Call”

Even when firing on creative tangents that found them playing within genre flavors of folk, psych-rock, jazz or krautrock, soothing shadings of a soft rock vein have constantly managed to creep up in the varied work of Swedish three-piece Junip, even if only heard via the soft-focused crooning of frontman/ solo singer-songwriter success José González. […]

Schoolboy Q “Yay Yay”

With the upgrade of attention and love Kendrick Lamar has been receiving in recent months post-Good Kid, one could imagine the peak levels of excitement currently brewing within the Top Dawg Entertainment circle and the many ways they’re looking to work their now-mainstream-pierced profile to their benefit when it comes the team’s other acts. Schoolboy […]