All Sensory Void “A Meditation On a Morning in Spring”

all sensory void

Sometimes all it takes to get back on the good foot and gain a fresh new perspective on this (often cruel) thing called life is to make a return trip around places and faces familiar.

All Sensory Void, the solo side project from The Nico Blues member Eric Goldberg, taps into this exact scenario with sublime effect on “A Meditation On a Morning In Spring”, a highlight from the act’s (Title of the Year-worthy) debut EP Relax Man…You’re Actually Just Energy Condensed To A Slow Vibration that finds Goldberg learning to feel “alive” and “whole again”, and realizing that, yes, “your worst moments are beautiful” too with the aid of a former haunt’s comforting atmosphere.

Beyond the great lyrics though, it’s the execution (with all instruments played by Goldberg) that truly helps staple this to the brain, the track’s venture through soft/ loud dynamics that yield a swaying, melodic sweetness on the verses and burst alive with bright, fiery explosions of guitar on wordless choruses soothing in their nostalgia for a certain 90’s alternative sound while vibrantly demonstrating an existence recharged and ready to take on the world once more.