Beyonce “I Been On (Remix)” featuring Bun B, Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug & Lil’ Keke/ “Bow Down (Boyfriends Extended Remix)”

beyonce - bow down

New album lead singles from big pop stars tend to be treated like summer blockbuster events, so of course when Beyonce, arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now, decided to go ahead and preview her next LP with a two-song-in-one snippet combo, everybody, their mama and the their house pets raced to find the stream and hit play, anxious to smother their ears in the first places King Be would be heading artistically post-Super Bowl shutdown.

As an A-list spectacle, “Bow Down/ I Been On” didn’t disappoint on the attention-grabbing front, raising plenty of eyebrows in moves that were as amazing (Hip hop-soul arias! “Don’t think I’m just his little wife”! Beyonce embracing her Houston roots and experimenting with trap sounds and gender-bending, screwed vocal trickery! “Bow down bitches” complete with curled lip growl!) on first listen as they were puzzling (The somewhat egocentric ickiness of “I know when you were little girls/ You dreamt of being in my world”; “Bow down”? “Bitches”?; Did anyone really request a Be rap?; Wait…she was in a Willie D video?) when viewed through a finer lens, establishing all shades of confusion and excitement for how the parent album will pan out.

And even though we still aren’t quite sure if these records are supposed to eventually be full entries or some sort of interlude deal, yesterday’s release of the official remix to “I Been On”–turning the track from an oddball curioso to all-star posse cut banger featuring the biggest names in Texas hip hop history–definitely helps make things make better sense with the amount of trill dopeness being brought, appearances from Scarface, Bun B, Willie D, Slim Thug, Z-Ro and Lil’ Keke laying down turns of Southern slang-riddled lyricism that help deepen the H-Town appreciation flavor Be was bringing to the table on the original.

Check out the remix below, and for those who’ve been pining for a little lengthier experience with “Bow Down” to perfect the billions of choreography routines to inevitably make their way to YouTube in the next couple months, enjoy Texan DJ duo Boyfriends‘ extended take on the track.