Ciara “Body Party”

ciara - body party

For an artist who started off strong, unleashing a string of platinum-coated surefire hits in the late ’00’s that brought some considerable weight to all those early hyperbolic claims of her being the “next Janet Jackson”, Ciara has struggled a bit in her bid for retaining R&B diva relevancy in recent years. Not that she hasn’t tried though.

Even when it was looking like she was throwing everything at radio in the hopes that something, anything, would stick, the one-time crunk&b princess was actually producing some good, if a bit repetitive creatively, singles, with none of them managing to make much of a long-lasting dent on the charts to signal the “comeback” hype.

With the freshly dropped “Body Party”, her fourth attempt at establishing some good lead-up buzz to her long-delayed fifth studio effort One Woman Army though, CiCi just may have found a way out of her commercial slump.

Assisted by a dream package that includes production by hit-maker Mike Will Made It, co-songwriting/ ad-libs by current beau Future and musical references to Ghost Town DJ’s 90’s jam “My Boo”, “Body Party” might take its slinky, sexy stylistic cues from arguably Ciara’s best cut ever, “Promise”, but it’s a case when revisiting old tropes triumphs, the leggy chanteuse’s breathy coos adding the right doses of sexual heat to compliment the track’s murky synths and sharp, spare percussion pops, her intimate confessionals of “My body is your party, baby/ Nobody’s invited but you baby” effectively bringing the umph! needed to get naughty bits from boys (and girls) across the globe throbbing overtime.

Will it be the career-righting hit it deserves to be? With thirty second memes like “Harlem Shake” topping the charts, one will never know, but we’ll just say this: don’t be surprised if, as this single starts to pick up some ground, the world population sees a noticeable uptick after about nine months or so.