Japan Soul “Transparent”

japan soul - transparent

Etched firmly on our “one to watch” radar following the left-field delights of debut single “Plastic Utopia”, a perplexing, yet oh-so-smoove bridging of 80’s-era art rock and blue-eyed soul, three-piece Brooklyn indie Japan Soul (Jason Paul, David Rozner and DaVe Lipp) succeed in furthering our intrigue with follow-up “Transparent”, a stunning, retro-pop-hued masterwork of disco, funk, new wave and Latin rhythms that seems to answer the question of what would happen if one felt the need to mold together the DNA of Miami Sound Machine, Wham!, The Power Station and Ready For The World with some kooky B-movie screenplay in a lab petri-dish.

We still can’t completely wrap our minds around the dystopian paranoia (sample lyric: “If you can read between the lines/ You’ll find distortions and lies”) at the core of this project’s concept without going a little cross-eyed, but we do understand (and appreciate) well-executed musicality and hooky blasts of yesteryear-flavored feel-good, and as long as the rest of Japan Soul’s forthcoming Plastic Utopia LP promises to bring those two elements in spades, we’ll gladly accept any and all WTF-complex, J.J. Abrams-esque TV plots they desire to accompany it with.