Laura Mvula “Human Nature (Michael Jackson Cover)”

laura mvula

Thanks to a well-received EP and singles and the buzz-magnifiying benefits of being listed among BBC’s Sound of 2013 top ten, anticipation is heavy for next week’s release of British singer-songwriter Laura Mvula‘s debut Sing To The Moon, her soulful, bewitching and quite unique brand of poetic lyricism, enchantingly complex compositions and a spine-tingling Nina Simone-like delivery hinting of the project landing as one of the year’s most stand-out.

Helping trigger even more hype for all things Mvula: this live take on the Michael Jackson ballad “Human Nature” that she brought to BBC’s Live Lounge last week.

An oft-covered and re-imagined gem from the Thriller hit parade, “Human Nature” emerging as a pop standard of sorts has also made it a song most could go without hearing for a long time minus some sort of engaging new twist, but that’s exactly what Laura brings to this version, stripping the song back so it’s just nothing but some marvelous bass noodling, finger snaps and her stunning voice gorgeously caressing the ballad’s timeless melody.

Her “Why does he do me this way” aches in all the right ways, but the subtle smile she brings when singing the song ending “I like living that way/ I like loving that way” caps this rendition off on a breathtakingly heartwarming note.

Peep the performance, then afterward, check out a few of the many killer Mvula remixes circling the Web.