Paul Simon “You Can Call Me Al (Flight Facilities Edit)”

paul simon - you can call me al (flight facilities edit)

While the idea of an extended club edit of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” may fill our heads with nightmarish images of lots of parents and grandparents embarrassingly getting jiggy with it on wedding reception dance floors, after pressing play on this remix of the classic Graceland chestnut by Australian duo Flight Facilities, yucky visions of giddy old folk gyrations aside, we can wholeheartedly admit to being thankful that this exists.

“Al” has always been a long-favored go-to, as much for its big band/ Afro-pop-assisted take on white boy funk and Simon’s comfortingly plaintive vocal melody as the endless smiles generated from re-watching the wacky hi-jinks of Paul and a lip-synching Chevy Chase in the original’s memorable video, but in re-working the track with some fist-pump thump and elongated loops of its still-magnificent musical construct, Flight Facilities give “Al” a modern-ish scrubbing that elevates the tune from an occasional pick-me-up to one we just might have to revisit every morning when trying to mentally get ourselves ready for another day at the soul-draining 9-to-5.