Rihanna featuring Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J & T.I. “Pour It Up (Remix)”

rihanna - pour it up (remix)

While there’s a neat idea floating somewhere in “Pour It Up”‘s aim in being an “unapologetic” R&B diva slant on the dark n’ sleazy (and highly popular) strip-club trope sans the usual male hip hop suspects, and some interesting things come out of Mike Will Made It‘s tense, apocalyptic-soul frame and Rihanna‘s deliciously iced delivery bringing a vivid, sinister edge to the lyric’s snippet-like scene details, the track in its original album version never felt worth the longer-than-interlude-length ride and basically came across as nothing more than a placeholder for the inevitable overly-crowded remix pushing Rih to the sidelines as hook-girl to spotlight a bunch of guys dropping more mic slobberings over the most stand-out pole-twirlers and booty twerkers in the land.

That moment has finally arrived with this 2.0 swipe, which folds in Jeezy, Ross, T.I. and Juicy J (because, of course) in the mix. Unfortunately, despite the high-profile line-up (and the slightly mind-blowing scenario of Jeezy and Rick sharing space on the same track), the remix feels a bit rote, with all the rappers involved sticking to their expected routines with few standout moments.

Will that stop it from booming out of speakers all Spring Break and beyond? Surely not, but here’s hoping another posse cut remix (perhaps an all female emcee spin or an R&B re-brush sandwiching Rih in between contributions from crooners/ fellow strip club fans The-Dream, Jeremih or The-Weekend?) is in the works to truly take “Pour It Up” to another level.