Trinidad James “All Gold Everything (Terry Urban South Bronx Bootleg)”

trinidad james - all gold everything (terry urban south bronx bootleg)

The make-up of long-respected DJ/ producer Terry Urban’s remix of “All Gold Everything” is very simple: all it involves is pasting the acapella of Trinidad James‘ breakout ratchet anthem to the familiar bump of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s rap golden age standard “The Message”. Considering the polarizing response to James’ basic existence, the idea of marrying his record to one of the most acclaimed socially conscious tracks in not only hip hop history, but music history, is also a bold one.

Potential cries of “Blasphemy!!” aside though, the mash works amazingly well, the crisp, throwback block party vibe of the “Message” instrumental bringing a fresh pep, forcefulness and extra slab of larger-than-life animation to James’ delivery that re-ignites the months-old “All Gold Everything” with a brand new swag, making it feel like a playlist staple for the upcoming Spring Break/ summertime festivities.