Drake featuring James Fauntleroy “Girls Love Beyonce”

drake - girls love beyonce

With a heavy emphasis on sing-rap melodicism, a brow-raising interpolation of a familiar turn-of-the-century female R&B tune, more pensive moping about relationships with girls as a high-profile emcee, and…well, that title, Drake‘s latest drop “Girls Love Beyonce” is almost so Drake it’s laughable.

Yet even as the self-leaked track spends its entire length edging into the zone of being a Drake-mocking SNL spoof (or, at the very least, one of those millions of YouTube-housed stabs at sensitive hip hop from no-name rappers with a clear affinity for the oeuvre of Wheelchair Jimmy), after the quasi-“tough” mic stances of current singles “Started From The Bottom” and “5AM In Toronto”, it’s kind of nice hearing the rapper-singer so neatly snugged into his R&B-loving comfort zone for a bit, especially when all his lonely rich man sulking (“These days it’s hard to meet women/ Feel like my love life is finished/ I’ve been avoiding commitment/ That’s why I’m in this position…”) is being given some track-stealing assists by the soulful tenor of James Fauntleroy re-heating the hook to Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” and a beat serving an alluringly minimalist keyboard-laced groove that sniffs of an early draft James Blake re-tool of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo”.

Check it out below, as well as the second new Drizzy to premiere in the past 24 hours, “No New Friends”, the DJ Khaled-hosted (and somewhat uneven) “Started From The Bottom” remix featuring Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne and an uncredited Future awesomely Auto-Tune crooning old-school No Limit hooks (or, for the younger kids, throwback Section80 Kendrick hooks) on the tail-end.