Mayer Hawthorne “Designer Drug”

mayer hawthorne - designer drug

Adding to what has already become a stellar season for the blue-eyed soul crooner following noteworthy releases from Justin Timberlake, James Blake, Robin Thicke, Sam Smith and Jamie Lidell, among others, in recent months, Michigan’s retro-obsessed singer-songwriter-producer Mayer Hawthorne has returned, elbowing his way into the crowded room with a killer slab of 80’s funk-pop in new single “Designer Drug”.

The first peek of his as-yet-untitled third full-length due this summer, the falsetto-spiked (and free to download!!) “Drug” finds Hawthorne picking right back up where he left off on his well-received 2011 major label debut How Do You Do, his throwback-loving radar this time hitting notes of Hall & Oates, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and Off The Wall-mode Michael Jackson as he struggles to find some sort of chemical distraction (from Adderall to his own back catalog-nodding “Henny and Ginger Ale” mix) to help eject an unforgettable ex out of his brain, if only temporarily.

As with pretty much every rom-com you’ve ever seen, he ultimately sets his sights on reconciliation (realizing that no “high” is as good as the one his old love brought to his insides), but odds are you won’t care whether Mayer ends back up with boo or not, as you’ll likely be too busy trying to find a partner of your own to assist you in two-stepping your heart out to the track’s seductive brand of old-school feel-good.