Busta Rhymes “Twerk It”

busta rhymes - twerk it

While Busta Rhymes hasn’t exactly been M.I.A., keeping himself heard with a quasi-ubiquitous presence on remixes and mixtape circuit, it has been a long minute since he blessed us with the kind of must-rewind game-changing insanity he used to effortlessly unleash throughout the ’90’s and much of the ’00’s.

On his latest solo joint “Twerk It”, Busta makes a much-appreciated return to the wildly kooky sensibility that made him such a beloved hip hop icon in the years between “Woo Hah! Got You All In Check” and “Touch It”, the colorful, Saturday morning cartoon vibe of producer Pharrell‘s bloopy, Pac-Man-gone-minimalist trap/ tribal beat work providing the right dose of eccentric sonic playground inspiration Bus needs to memorably go nuts on.

And go nuts Rhymes does, invading the left-field 8-bit production with a stylistic curveball that finds him detouring away from his typical motor-mouth flow for hype, patois-drowned licks of exotic booty-loving mic raunch that, aided by a infectiously repetitive hook that gives “Twerk” a certain kinship with Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)”, should have no problem sending the female masses into a waistline-winding/ ass-jiggling frenzy in the summer heat.

All we need is for Hype Williams to serve this cut with the eye-popping video it demands and things will really get turnt up.