stwo x Fitzroy “BOAT”


Considering all the still-amazing black pop innovations brought forth by Aaliyah seemingly every time she entered a studio, it comes as little surprise–especially in these days of endless remixes and nu-R&B creativity–that for DJ’s and producers, the late, great R&B icon’s catalog has proven to be such an attractive source material to showcase their skills, whether that involves deconstructing and re-building her production’s alien-soul sonic architectures or utilizing the singer’s creamy, cool vocals to conjure up new fascinating hard/ soft dynamics.

Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat” has proven to be a favorite for remixers around the world when they want to get their sexy groove on, and adding their names to the long list of knob-twiddlers who’ve opted to give the tune a new look are French producers swto (pronounced “stew”) and Fitzroy, joining forces to update the sensual cut with a dreamy, low-key knock that screams mid-90’s summer jam.

Check the stream out below, alongside two equally fantastic recent creations from stwo: edits of Next’s “Wifey” and the Talib/ Miguel collab “Come Here”.