Aaliyah “Are You That Somebody (Moduloktopus ReTwerk)”

aaliyah - are you that somebody (moduloktopus retwerk)

Despite us all existing in an age where no recording is safe from getting remixed countless times over, Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” is one of those songs that doesn’t get messed with all that often. We can only assume that this is largely because, despite the original dropping fifteen years ago, the Timbaland-produced record’s playful stab at Y4K-era soul still sounds as fresh and next-level innovative as it did on first listen; but also, what would be the point of trying to jigger around with R&B-pop perfection when odds are your version will only come out so wildly inferior?

While others would (understandably) be too intimidated to even think of re-tooling “Somebody” though, it seems Dominican Republic-born/ Boston-based producer Moduloktopus is more than happy to take on the challenge, resulting in this “ReTwerk” edit of the Baby Girl classic.

We’re pretty sure Mod’s remix tricks won’t help to replace the original in anyone’s heart, but there is something quite thrilling about the beat-tastic futuro-electro wonderland he cooks up here. From the stuttery, old-school Atari 8-bit re-imagination of the original’s memorable stair-step melody, to the edit’s sudden detours into giddy Bmore club delirium and twinkly snap&b minimalism, Moduloktopus’ production is filled with so many delightfully quirky twists and turns, one could kinda-sorta imagine the late, great songstress getting a kick out of its forward-thinking nu-dance-funk wizardry.