R. Kelly featuring 2 Chainz “My Story”

r. kelly - my story (feat. 2 chainz)

Yes, the technically proficient-and-beyond odes to yester-decade R&B that have framed R. Kelly‘s most recent albums have successfully proven how well-rounded a soul man the Piped Piper can be, but after years of endless steppers’ grooves and well-executed nods to iconic R&B kings like Marvin Gaye and Barry White, our thirst to hear Kells make a return to his own past highlights and dig into something contemporary in the skillfully over-the-top and ratchet way only he can has definitely inched its way into the “trapped in the desert” realm.

For “My Story”, a probable early taste of Kells’ forthcoming twelfth studio effort Black Panties, the Chi-repping singer/ songwriter/ producer finally pitches a break from the throwback costuming, taking a spin at gloomy, floating-in-mid-air trap&b sounds and the Future-esque staccato flow that’s been popping up everywhere in recent months to trace his own personal rags-to-riches arc that has seen him go from being “broke to sleeping in Versace shirts”.

For a guy who can toss off outrageous sex tales, WTF one-liners and masterful soap opera-styled set-ups with the utmost ease, and a featured guest–2 Chainz–who can usually turn the most stupid-dumb lines into widely beloved social media quotable gold, “Story” ends up a bit underwhelming in the lyrical department (From R: “She make a pole disappear like hocus pocus”, “Say she’s a church girl but man she’s blowing holy smokes/ Showed her the Jesus piece now she got the Holy Ghost”; From Mr. Chainz: unfortunate, Gudda Gudda/ “grocery bag” hashtags like “Velcro, I’m stickin’ to it” and “Roll, like cinnamon”), but honestly, simply having this admittedly C-grade Kells jam not be an umpteenth trip through vintage waters and “Step In The Name of Love” carbon copies manages to be good enough to just eke over into the “Keeper” pile for the moment.

Here’s to hoping that all those hours of studio time being put in for Panties results in material far more memorable than this though.