Stwo “Anna”

stwo - beyond

The experimental R&B game has grown increasingly crowded these past couple years, with seemingly every new week introducing some new talented singer or producer to instantly become obsessed with. While we’ve only just recently become aware of 20-year-old French beatmaker Stwo following his Aaliyah makeover “BOAT”, endless re-spins of that tune and the rest of his Soundcloud-uploaded catalog have made him a playlist favorite, leaving us in a constant state of eager anticipation for what new, intoxicating brew of moody, electro-soul minimalism and chipmunk vocal sample loops he has ready to spill.

That hunger for more should be relaxed for a spell with the recent arrival of Stwo’s debut EP Beyond, a six-track collection that folds choppy edits of voices like Brandy, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer’s Lopez and Hudson into mystifying alien-R&B slow jams.

The set’s most immediate winner though would have to be the shimmering “Anna”, a remix-of-sorts of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 No. 1 “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” that recasts the ode to an unbreakable romance from a bubblegummy burst of 80’s soul-pop fizz to the type of sensual neo-soul groove she would end up dominating with throughout the ’90’s.

Stream the track below, snatch up Beyond in its entirety via Live For The Funk.