Common “I Want You (Kaytranada Edition)”

common - i want you (kaytranda edition)

One of the greater sources of music-based joy in 2013 for us has been scrolling through the Soundcloud stream and discovering that Kaytranada has quietly dropped a new jam. Among the ever-growing swarm of rising experimental-R&B beatsmiths taking up real estate on the site, the Canadian producer has definitely been ruling the roost, with nearly every single one of his quality-crafted creations blowing up something major in on-line circles.

That same outcome is sure to fall on Kay’s latest entry, a spin on Common‘s quasi-forgotten 2007 Finding Forever single “I Want You”.

The tweakings the producers plants on the rap love letter fall more on the minor side, but the remix’s main trick–a deep house thump loop–is really all the sonic wizardry necessary to guarantee this 2.0 take get all kinds of sweaty dancefloor love.