Stefanie Heinzmann "My Man Is A Mean Man"

Bespectacled Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann might look like a Lisa Loeb-ish coffeehouse guitar-strummer, but her wallop-packing soul chops quickly identify her as anything but; this appealing juxtaposition (not to mention the fact that she really does have an amazing voice) is most likely the reason why she came out the recent champion on a German […]

Duffy "Warwick Avenue"

The first thing that will attract you to Duffy’s gently rousing blue-eyed soul ballad “Warwick Avenue” is a simple guitar lick. Opening up the tune and appearing here and there throughout, it’s presence is teasing. Why? ‘Cause it sounds like it’s going to reprise the memorable bass groove behind The Temptations’ “My Girl” before it […]

Headlights "Cherry Tulips"

Listening to “Cherry Tulips” from indie Illinois act Headlights, it becomes immediately clear why they’ve been adorned with the “dream pop” tag. Supported by a lush, cotton candy soundbed that brings to mind the sugar-sweet shuffle of 1950’s bubblegum pop, “Tulips” sounds like the musical equivalent of a child’s fantasy land. Within it’s cheery context, […]

Cheri Dennis "Pretend"

Pre-releasing Bad Boy R&B songbird Cheri Dennis’ debut solely as an Itunes exclusive last fall might have seemed like a smart way for the Diddy-helmed label to keep up with the Joneses’, but once again he failed to muster up any excitement for the album, with few even aware of it’s existence if they weren’t […]

Mezzanine Owls "Snow Globe"

Launching with promise on their 2007 self-released debut, Slingshot Echoes, Los Angeles’ Mezzanine Owls entered the blogosphere earning much positive feedback, with many reviewers noting the band’s impressive grasping of self on only their first outing. With a growing buzz established (alongside a new label deal with JAXART Records), the Owls have returned with a […]