frank ocean

Frank Ocean “Memrise”

While we have received little crumbles of info here and there regarding Frank Ocean beginning work on the highly-anticipated follow-up to his Grammy-winning breakout debut Channel Orange, we had yet to hear any sort of audio leakage from these sessions (or anything else Frank-related)…that is until the elusive multi-talent decided be a sort of early […]

Seyr “RHB”/ “Tainted”

Hailing from London, though they sound more like they’ve stepped in from an entirely different dimension, mysterious newcomer duo Seyr may only have two entries to their catalog so far, but these gems more than prove that the act have a serious talent for crafting seductive wisps of minimalist electro-soul sonic sculptures. “RHB” and “Tainted” […]

Computer Jay & Orfeo “1979 (Smashing Pumpkins Standard)”/ “Prototype (Andre 3000 Standard)”

Computer Jay and Orfeo may reside in current-day Los Angeles, but the music they’ve cooked up together sounds more like something birthed from a time and place far, far away from Planet Earth circa 2014. Familiar tunes given a genre-blurred futuristic makeover is the concept behind their forthcoming, Okayplayer-backed collaborative EP Standards, and the two […]

Elegant Animals “Real”

Rocking an alt-minded fusion of R&B, neo-soul, funk, rock, hip hop, pop, jazz and electronic hues seemingly built on a steady diet of Prince, Terence Trent D’arby, D’Angelo, Maxwell and Justin Timberlake deep album cut listening sessions, Philly five-piece Elegant Animals feel birthed from some sort of precious alternate universe where genre lines don’t exist. […]

FKA Twigs “Pendulum”

With the release date to her holy anticipated full-length debut LP1 growing ever so near (it arrives August 12th), Brit-soul chanteuse FKA Twigs has gone ahead and gifted the masses with yet another preview of the set with new track “Pendulum”. Yet another bewitching slab of quiet storm alt-R&B, “Pendulum” seduces from second one, mechanized […]

Janet Jackson “Alright (TAILS Redo)”

The fourth of a record seven Top 5 Pop hits to emerge from Janet Jackson’s huger-than-huge social commentary-meets-dance classic Rhythm Nation 1814, “Alright” may have been better known for its accompanying video–an epic, big budget-looking tribute to the classic Hollywood musical featuring appearances from late, great entertainment legends Cab Calloway, Cyd Charisse and The Nicholas […]

Kid Masterpiece “Web Dream EP”, Future “I Won (Kid Masterpiece Remix)”

With a series of attention-grabbing remixes throughout 2013, Canadian producer Kid Masterpiece emerged as the go-to guy when the mood called for the most Martian-esque slow jam grooves to soundtrack freaky boot-knocking sessions; on new EP, Web Dream, Masterpiece has returned, cooking up a new handful of otherworldly, artsy soundscapes for your weirdo sexcapade pleasures. […]

Missy Elliott featuring 702 “Beep Me 911 (1-O.A.K. Remix)”

While we all are pretty much aware that from the late 90’s well into the new millennium, Missy Elliott was the queen of bridging funk, hip hop, dance and quirk thanks to her idiosyncratic mic style and partner Timbaland‘s next-level production tricks, the (understandably) overt praise for club floor rap bangers like “Lose Control”, “Get […]

MeLo-X “YONCE╠ü-X”

When an album drops that’s as high-profile, sonically interesting and zeitgeist-penetrating as Beyonce’s surprise self-titled release, you can pretty much expect for the remixing brigade to get busy, with various artists, producers and lap-top-armed knob twiddlers itching to pay tribute (and, no doubt, garner a bit of profile boost along the way) to one of […]