Raw Facts “Grow Up”

Fueled by a girlfriend’s paranoia of his assumed infidelity and the increasingly destructive toll it takes on their relationship, Baltimore-based emcee Raw Facts breathlessly weaves a dense, stream-of-consciousness-spewed web of complicated emotions on his Fact or Fiction mixtape highlight “Grow Up”, racing in and out of highly detailed internal dialogue, colorful metaphors and vivid lyrical […]

Destiny’s Child “Nuclear”

While the out-of-nowhere decision to suddenly, if only briefly, reunite Destiny’s Child reeks of cheap, cash-grab opportunity–Really!?! All of this hullabaloo to pimp another Destiny’s Child compilation, this time one that features only ballads?–the idea of American’s last big girl group coming back together, even with each member busy with their A+++++/ B/ C-level solo […]

Schoolboy Q featuring A$AP Rocky “Hands On The Wheel (Aaron LaCrate Remix)”

It’s common knowledge that every song ever sounds a bajillion times better when blazed with a Bmore Club edit (right? Right?), so to have Schoolboy Q‘s already awesomer-than-awesome A$AP Rocky-featuring and Lissie-covering-Kid Cudi-sampling Habits & Contradictions highlight “Hands On The Wheel” updated with the genre’s freakishly fast tempo hustle is bound to be the business. […]

Beach House “Myth”

Considering that every new album dropped from Beach House has had the Baltimore-based duo (multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally and singer/ organist Victoria Legrand) elevating their atmospheric dream-pop to whole new levels of heavenly gorgeousness (resulting in their last effort, 2010’s bolder and more polished Teen Dream, earning the act some of their best reviews yet), expectations […]

Rye Rye “Boom Boom”

A minute or so into Rye Rye‘s latest single “Boom Boom” one can’t help but already feel the onslaught of comparisons to hit the ‘Net involving another colorful female rappa-sometimes-sanga with a POP!!-ular single that also features the word “Boom”, but really…let’s not act like B-more-born Rye Rye hasn’t held a certain appreciation for radio-ready […]

DJ Class “Dance Like A Freak”

With “I’m The Ish/ Shit” (and it’s many star-laden remixes) continuing to pierce the hearts of dance, hip hop and pop lovers alike around the globe, the song’s creator, DJ Class, now seems intent on maintaining this new plateau of mainstream-edging fame. Class’ newest cut, no-brainer future club staple “Dance Like A Freak”, sees him […]

DJ Class featuring Kanye West & Estelle “I’m The Shit (Remix)”

“Okay Yeezy/ You know I had to touch this/ It feels so…so European”, giggles Estelle, the latest artist to attach her name to DJ Class‘ increasingly popular “Bmore club”-turned-nationwide anthem “I’m The Shit”. Giving us a little “American Boy” reunion by embedding herself into the Kanye West-assisted version (alternate takes include guest contributions from Lil’ […]