Hira King “Run”

For anyone who drowns themselves in forever-long Soundcloud listening sessions as much as we do, one of the more annoying aspects of scouting for new music can be the snippet-length offering. Film trailers have their purpose, as do TV adverts, but minute-plus bits of music can feel like the cruelest of entertainment industry teases, especially […]

Nick Hakim “Lift Me Up”

The entire first half of Nick Hakim‘s latest gorgeous release “Lift Me Up”, the second preview of his forthcoming Where Will We Go Pt. 2, bears the blurried, lo-fi markings of a third-hand bootleg tape. But even with the record’s waterlogged-like non-clarity, the combination of the buzzing Brooklyn singer-songwriter’s soulful voice against nothing but piano […]

Astronauts, etc. “Gravity”

When it comes to crafting sprawling indie-pop numbers with a bedroom-made intimacy and fit-for-silver-screen power, few get it as consistently right as Anthony Ferraro a.k.a. astronauts, etc. On the heels of “Fuss”, “Gravity” is the second preview of the act’s September-due EP Sadie, and it’s another transcendent slab of ruminative, perfect-for-Sunday afternoon pop. A swirling […]

Nick Hakim “I Don’t Know”

“I Don’t Know”, from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Hakim, lands as one of those swaying, cellphone-in-the-air jams that you want to be able melt down into and just swim in. Such is the transfixing magnetism of it’s autumnal singer-songwriter warmth and crisp live orchestration, a masterful, slow-cooked brew of folk, blues, neo-soul, jazz and lo-fi influences […]

Astronauts, etc. “Fuss”

Cali-based one-man band Astronauts, etc. (the project of Oakland-based Anthony Ferraro) first caught our attention back in 2012 with the gorgeously sprawling, hazed-over bedroom synth-pop found on its debut EP Supermelodic Pulp. Now aligned with Los Angeles indie Hit City U.S.A., the act has made a striking return to the scene, previewing forthcoming EP Sadie […]

Shivum Sharma “Flicker”

As lovely as it can be when an artist opts for a more stripped back approach, there can definitely be a thin line between captivating and boring when trying to present yourself so raw and nakedly. Of special note to newcomers attempting the “just me and an instrument” intimacy: if your song, melody, or vocal […]

TIDEUP “Beaches”

Adding their names to the increasingly crowded field of male/ female duo acts (of which it seems a million new ones have emerged in the past couple of years), singer/ lyricist Noelle Indovino and producer/ multi-instrumentalist Ben Guzman make up TIDEUP, a lo-fi experimental pop outfit based out of Orlando that, judging by the soothing […]

Astronauts, etc. “Sideswiped”

Picking up right where it left off with the sweeping, six-month-old debut Supermelodic Pulp, Astronauts, etc., the single-man project by Berkeley student Anthony Ferraro, continue its efforts in keeping our ears padded with breathtaking bedroom pop-hazed epics on newest joint “Sideswiped”. Line “All alone with a big wide canvas/ Paralyzed by the fear of progress” […]

Shy Girls “Under Attack”

Newbie bedroom-soul act Shy Girls is full of surprises. The main one being that it’s neither a group nor female, but actually the stage name of solo singer/ songwriter/ producer Dan Vidmar of Portland. The other shocker? Vidmar’s unnerving ability in sounding like Maxwell at many points throughout Shy Girls’ slow-burning latest “Under Attack”, weaving […]