Let the Whitney Tributes Continue…

It’s been an emotionally trying week for Whitney Houston fans around the world, but helping to somewhat alleviate all the sorrow has been the many great tributes that have emerged across the Web in recent days paying honor to The Voice. This morning, Robin Thicke and that sterling falsetto of his unleashed this soulful, piano […]

Teen Daze “Let’s Groove”

Too many times of getting prematurely excited over acts releasing songs with familiar titles only to hit play and discover that the track is no cover (and usually sucky in comparison to what we were anticipating) left us a little hesitant to check out Teen Daze‘ “Let’s Groove”, a song that shares the same name […]

Lana Del Rey “Video Games (Club Clique For The Bad Girls Remix)”

The first we’ve come across of what’s sure to be many, many more dance-floor-oriented revamps of the material of current blog “it”-girl/ target Lana Del Rey, this club edit by Manchester’s Club Clique works surprisingly well, especially considering a large portion of “Video Games”‘s appeal lies in the original’s mysterio, moody noir-pop arrangement. Adding a […]

Glasvegas “Geraldine (The Soundmen Remix)”

We’re pretty sure “Geraldine”, the thunderous 2008 epic by Scottish indie rockers Glasvegas, inspired more than a few folks to participate in drunken stomp-shuffles and fist pumps while alone in their living rooms or parked next to tavern jukeboxes and intense finger-tap/ head-nod sessions while stuck behind their steering wheels, but that probably represents the […]

Adele “Rumour Has It (Atom Christie Remix)”

After what felt like a trillion remixes to Adele‘s pretty much guaranteed Grammy Awards ’12-sweeper “Rolling In The Deep”, it’s oh-so-refreshing to see somebody search out another tune amongst the British diva’s smash album 21 to have a ball with, especially if that track is the previously MM-hyped (and needs-to-be future single) “Rumour Has It”. […]

James & Evander “Constellating”

With it’s dreamy synth twinklings and calming male harmonies, “Constellating” by Oakland duo James & Evander, is the perfect kind of song to drift away to on a long drive, easing your mind into pondering over life’s Big Questions…while still giving some focus to the road before you, of course. For those who can’t pull […]