Odds N Ends Vol. 3

Oh look, it’s in-box cleaning out time again. Wale & Just Jack “Embers/ Good Girls (Phillip Martell Mash-Up Remix)” For it’s first two-thirds, this mash-up concoction by ATL DJ Phillip Martell emerges quite effective in it’s enchanting blend of the acapella from Wale’s 2007 track “Good Girls” with a hyper-speed orchestral loop and sampled vocal […]

At Night I Think Of You…

Isn’t it funny how “My Boo”, a thirteen year old R&B/ booty bass cut performed by an act a majority of folks (minus bloggers of course) probably wouldn’t be able to name without some Google aid, has suddenly turned into one of the most covered/ re-tooled tracks of ’09? Following DJ Solly’s chopped-up re-working of […]

In-Box Pile-Up

Every music blogger will feel the Maestro’s pain when it comes to the overly-packed in-box. Filled to the brim with PR’s showcasing that “hot new indie artist” whose bandwagon you just HAVE to jump on early, “exclusive” remixes that have obviously been CC’d to damn near everyone else on the Hype Machine/ Elbo.ws circuit, the […]

Platinum Pied Pipers featuring Raheem DeVaughn “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon Cover)”

Of the sort who believe that R&B is dead? Well, that’s only because you’re not getting your soul fix from the right sources…real-deal sources like the Platinum Pied Pipers, the non-R. Kelly-affiliated (you can breathe a sigh of relief, now) teaming of Detroit musician/ production duo Waajeed and Saadiq. After raising eyebrows and catching eardrums […]