Mitzi “All I Heard”

On “All I Heard”, Brisbane, Australia four-piece Mitzi‘s signal towards the sweaty, euphoric peaks of the best moments spent mindlessly shuffling away on the disco dancefloor, tossing together rubbery basslines, a warm piano knock and shimmering synth glitter into a tight 4/4 hustle with the prime intent of taking hostage of your derriere and locking […]

Gossip “Get Lost”

When all is said and done, Gossip‘s fifth effort A Joyful Noise probably won’t be ranking among the band’s finest projects. As their glossiest pop-minded offering yet, the album’s ABBA-influenced, Xenomania-slicked sound just feels a mainstream bid too far, depressingly positioning the band with great distance from the refreshingly rebellious bluesy dance-punk aesthetic that put […]

Sam Sparro “The Shallow End”

Three years after stopping many in their tracks with the immediately grabbing futuristic electro-soul-pop of debut single “Black and Gold”, Aussie sensation Sam Sparro has finally gotten around to a sophomore album follow-up, with news of the set, entitled Return To Paradise, being inspired by the funk/ soul sounds of the late ’70’s-early ’80’s registering […]

R. Kelly “Share My Love”

Part of the fun in R. Kelly announcing a brand new album is trying to figure out which one of his many sounds the new collection will be revolved around. Will we be getting sexy groove 12 Play Kellz, retro-focused Love Letter Robert, soap opera drama “Trapped In The Closet” R. or the hip hop-informed […]

The Knocks “R.O.Y.L.”

Keeping up with their apparent mission statement to keep the globe in a perpetual state of T.G.I.F. bliss one track at a time, the consistently reliable The Knocks pull out another slab of irresistible ear-candy with “R.O.Y.L.”, the latest single peeled from the production duo’s latest Magic EP and one that basically demands that some […]

Lana Del Rey “Video Games (Club Clique For The Bad Girls Remix)”

The first we’ve come across of what’s sure to be many, many more dance-floor-oriented revamps of the material of current blog “it”-girl/ target Lana Del Rey, this club edit by Manchester’s Club Clique works surprisingly well, especially considering a large portion of “Video Games”‘s appeal lies in the original’s mysterio, moody noir-pop arrangement. Adding a […]

Black Eyed Peas “Fashion Beats”

As annoyingly obvious as some of’s sample flips are (the Black Eyes Peas hitmaker is this generation’s version of late ’90’s-era Sean “Diddy” Combs), you got to give the man credit for knowing how to get some ear-wormy hip-pop off a familiar beat loop. Latest case-in-point: BEP The Beginning album cut, and likely future […]