Tydes featuring Låpsley “Pray For You”

With a voice that hits such a tantalizing fusion of ethereal seduction, mystery and soulful vulnerability, we wouldn’t be surprised if buzzworthy newcomer Låpsley suddenly started popping up more as producers’ go-to singer. With her breakout record “Station”, equally beguiling follow-up “Painter (Valentine)”, and BABEL collaboration “Life of Eve” continue to garner her mucho blog […]

Nicolas Jaar featuring Scout Larue & Will Epstein “With Just One Glance You”

The past few years have seen 22-year-old Chilean-American electronic master Nicolas Jaar quietly climb the rungs of the hype-ladder, slowly attracting an ever-growing legion of fans who have taken to his oddly beautiful collages of mysterious, minimalist, down-tempo, jazz-inflected textures. After a string of single and EP releases, his 2011 full-length debut, Space Is Only […]

jj “CEO Birthday” (Semi-Jeremih Cover)”

Mysterious Swedish indie-pop entity jj aren’t above tapping into the urban music pool for a little inspiration (previous entries have borrowed hooks, verses and musical signatures from the catalogues of Akon, Lil’ Wayne and The Game), so it doesn’t really come as too much of a surprise that their newest cryptic creation, “CEO Birthday”, would […]