Moxie Black “So Much Better”

Portland, Oregon’s Moxie Black (rapper/ vocalist iLLAJ and producer Dekk) aren’t re-writing any rules as far as their post-808s & Heartbreak/ Rebirth/ The E.N.D. indie electro-hip-pop sound goes, but if one is searching for something new to soundtrack their final days of summer to, they’ll have plenty of addictive gems to choose from in the […]

Black Eyed Peas “Meet Me Halfway” (Rokuro’s Tidy Club Mix)/ (Anna & Ruby’s Intergalactic Booty-Shaker Cover/ Remix)

Call us losers, but since “Meet Me Halfway” started getting endless spins through our earbuds, we’ve been scouring the World Wide Web daily hoping to come across some amazing remix that’ll only deepen our undying adoration towards the Black Eyed Peas single. There haven’t been many to emerge (which is strange, seeing as though “Boom […]

Timbaland featuring SoShy & Nelly Furtado “Morning After Dark”/ Mary J Blige featuring Timbaland “Skycap”

As if having every other form of entertainment be usurped by an obsession with everything vampire-related wasn’t enough, Timbaland looks to Twlight, True Blood, and the like as a major influence on “Morning After Dark”, the official first single from his Shock Value 2 album. Part Anne Rice-inspired sex tale, but mostly a run-through of […]

Vampire Weekend “One (Blake’s Got A New Face) (Hunk The Drunk Edit)”

Ever longed to pop-lock to Vampire Weekend? Yeeeaaah, can’t say we have either. But that surely hasn’t stopped Winnie Cooper contributor Tristan Orchard from adding a little Breakin’ B-boy energy ‘neath the band’s sunny Vampire Weekend album track, “One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”. Somehow, it kinda works… DL: “One (Blake’s Got A New Face) […]