The Game “Murder” feat. Scarface & Kendrick Lamar/ “All That (Lady)” feat. Big Sean, Lil’ Wayne, Fabolous & Jeremih

Whether you’ve remained a fan of The Game since he was wallowing in the glories of heavy street buzz and platinum-plus commercial success of the 50 Cent-partnered “How We Do”/ “Hate It or Love It” days or somehow fell off his bandwagon in the somewhat creatively unfocused years that followed, it’s hard to ignore the […]

U.S.D.A. “Outta Here”

While our forever-long wait for Young Jeezy‘s long-pushed-back Thug Motivation 103 continues (it’s now set for a December 20th release though it’s difficult having much hope on that date staying firm), his apparently-still-a-thing offshoot group U.S.D.A. (of 2007’s “White Girl” street fame) have announced the arrival of their own new album, sophomore effort The Afterparty, […]

Mary J. Blige featuring Diddy & Lil’ Wayne “Someone To Love Me (Naked)”

It’s quite astounding how every time you’re ready to count Diddy out as the non-musician he is, the man manages to cook up something that forces you to begrudgingly grant him some kudos. Latest case in point: Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris, a long-pushed-back set that as printed pitch (Auto-Tuned warbling? Over-the-top cinematic concept? […]