Nick Hakim “I Don’t Know”

“I Don’t Know”, from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Hakim, lands as one of those swaying, cellphone-in-the-air jams that you want to be able melt down into and just swim in. Such is the transfixing magnetism of it’s autumnal singer-songwriter warmth and crisp live orchestration, a masterful, slow-cooked brew of folk, blues, neo-soul, jazz and lo-fi influences […]

Jessica Pratt “Night Faces”

“Night Faces” by San Francisco singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt sounds like one of those gems of a by-gone era that one would have accidentally discovered during an hours-long stroll through endless columns of vinyl at the local record shop. You know, the one the super-music nerd employees pump out of the speakers just knowing its–in this […]

U.S. Elevator “All Through The Night (Cyndi Lauper Cover)”

A sorta-supergroup entity merging the worlds of folk, pop and country (via Sarah Lee [daughter of Arlo/ granddaughter of Woody] Guthrie and her husband/ musical duo partner Johnny Irion) and alternative and hip hop (via San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist/ production/ remixing duo the Rondo Brothers), U.S. Elevator is one of those ever-fascinating meeting-of-the-minds type of projects […]

Weinland “I’m Sure It Helps”

“She won’t be waiting/ You’re lost but she’s found”? “Helpful is hurtful when life’s inside out”? “Know what you’re building will fall to the ground”? With cryptically depressing lyrics like these, Portland, Oregon indie-folk band Weinland‘s “I’m Sure It Helps” may not seem to be the most uplifting song choice, but damn if the melancholic […]

Pearl Jam “Just Breathe”

Just as we had finally started to come around to the seemingly bizarro reality of Pearl Jam being the cats behind this past summer’s irresistibly catchy rocker “The Fixer” (and don’t act like you didn’t have a hard time pairing the band with the feel-good single either), the grunge godfathers go and throw us another […]

Hayden “Barely Friends”

Perfectly capturing the wintry gloom that lurks around the calendar corner in it’s wistful, alt-country melancholy, Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden‘s somber “Barely Friends” rides atop an endless roll of down-home twang, it’s steady strums and touches of harmonica and distant pedal-steel serving an effective backdrop to his internal rue. What’s suddenly got the guy in such […]