Nick Hakim “I Don’t Know”

“I Don’t Know”, from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Hakim, lands as one of those swaying, cellphone-in-the-air jams that you want to be able melt down into and just swim in. Such is the transfixing magnetism of it’s autumnal singer-songwriter warmth and crisp live orchestration, a masterful, slow-cooked brew of folk, blues, neo-soul, jazz and lo-fi influences […]

U.S. Elevator “All Through The Night (Cyndi Lauper Cover)”

A sorta-supergroup entity merging the worlds of folk, pop and country (via Sarah Lee [daughter of Arlo/ granddaughter of Woody] Guthrie and her husband/ musical duo partner Johnny Irion) and alternative and hip hop (via San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist/ production/ remixing duo the Rondo Brothers), U.S. Elevator is one of those ever-fascinating meeting-of-the-minds type of projects […]

Hayden “Barely Friends”

Perfectly capturing the wintry gloom that lurks around the calendar corner in it’s wistful, alt-country melancholy, Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden‘s somber “Barely Friends” rides atop an endless roll of down-home twang, it’s steady strums and touches of harmonica and distant pedal-steel serving an effective backdrop to his internal rue. What’s suddenly got the guy in such […]