Danity Kane “Bye Baby”

The reality TV-birthed Danity Kane may have been prepped to be America’s Next Great Girl Group Hope, but there impact was woefully minimal. Their minor blip within the Bad Boy narrative managed to push out an eye-appealing multi-ethnic line-up, a promising En Vogue-esque air that had all five members being strong lead vocalists in their […]

Phoenix featuring MKS “Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)”

Reason No. 4,762 why Dev Hynes simply needs to go ahead and put his creative stamp on everything: his ‘Blood Orange’-revamped spin on Phoenix’ latest single “Entertainment” which not only gives the now video-accompanied track a surprisingly convincing transformation from classic upbeat Phoenix romp to soulful midtempo ballad, but finds Hynes treating the remix like […]

Destiny’s Child “Nuclear”

While the out-of-nowhere decision to suddenly, if only briefly, reunite Destiny’s Child reeks of cheap, cash-grab opportunity–Really!?! All of this hullabaloo to pimp another Destiny’s Child compilation, this time one that features only ballads?–the idea of American’s last big girl group coming back together, even with each member busy with their A+++++/ B/ C-level solo […]

Noisettes “That Girl”

It’s been a minute since we’ve been blessed with another ear-worm from English rock, dance, pop n’ soul-fusing the Noisettes (their last album, Wild Young Hearts, featuring the effervescent title cut and, in some parts of the world, briefly inescapable smash “Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)”, dropped in 2009), so it’s kind of […]

SWV “Co-Sign”

SWV‘s VERY welcome return on a remix to Chris Brown’s “Right Here/ Human Nature”-referencing single “She Ain’t You” earlier this year surely sparked all kinds of excited “SWV is Back!!” exclamations, but after years of sporadic live appearance reunions leading to rumors of a new album being in the making leading to 0% in results, […]

The Knocks featuring Alex Winston “You Can’t Hurry Love (The Supremes Cover)”

The latest teaser leaked from production duo The Knocks’ forthcoming all-covers EP Same Old Songs finds buzzed-about indie-pop singer-songwriter Alex Winston getting her R&B diva on on a playful, modern updating of The Supremes’ Holland-Dozier-Holland-crafted classic “You Can’t Hurry Love”. The song’s beloved bubblegum-soul vocal melodies remain intact, but in place of original producers Brian […]