trails and ways - skeletons

Trails and Ways “Skeletons”

Masters of dreamy-pop gems seasoned with a warm continental-hopping flair, Cali-based Trails and Ways earned plenty of blogosphere praise a couple years back with tunes like “Mtn Tune” and “Border Crosser” and splendid reinterpretations of fan faves from M83 and Miguel. After some extended time spent noodling around in their drummer Ian Quirk’s bedroom studio, […]

maria sweet

Maria Sweet “With Time”

While we routinely come across bands who seem to struggle with coming up with one good hook, every once in awhile an act emerges with a tune bursting at its seams with so many earworms it almost seems unfair. Maria Sweet, a four-piece rock outfit from Redlands, California, definitely fall in the latter category with […]

Låpsley “Falling Short”

Boasting an enchanting combo of intriguingly complex vocal arrangements and icily understated electro-pop productions, 18-year-old Liverpool-based talent Låpsley immediately leap-frogged to the head of the buzzworthy class earlier this year thanks to a string of killer solo gems “Station” and “Painter (valentine)” and equally beguiling collaborative one-offs. All these months (and a big co-sign from […]

Work Drugs “Predictable Miracles”

It’s oh-so-fitting that Philly indie pop duo Work Drugs would have their newest full-length Runaways drop right now. Masters of catchy melodic pop sing-along anthems baked in sedate hues of chillwave, 80’s radio-rock and disco, the twelve-song collection of cruise-friendly steering wheel tappers feels very much like the musical equivalent of our current transition from […]

Nick Hakim “Lift Me Up”

The entire first half of Nick Hakim‘s latest gorgeous release “Lift Me Up”, the second preview of his forthcoming Where Will We Go Pt. 2, bears the blurried, lo-fi markings of a third-hand bootleg tape. But even with the record’s waterlogged-like non-clarity, the combination of the buzzing Brooklyn singer-songwriter’s soulful voice against nothing but piano […]

Misun “Goodbye Summer”

Of all the solid varied-in-flavor tunes that D.C. indie-pop trio Misun have unleashed in the past couple years, the most striking aspect of the material has been the way the band so excellently infuse in their sound elements of vintage girl group. Singer Misun Wojcik’s golden, stacked harmonies breathe with such a well-defined retro hue, […]

Astronauts, etc. “Gravity”

When it comes to crafting sprawling indie-pop numbers with a bedroom-made intimacy and fit-for-silver-screen power, few get it as consistently right as Anthony Ferraro a.k.a. astronauts, etc. On the heels of “Fuss”, “Gravity” is the second preview of the act’s September-due EP Sadie, and it’s another transcendent slab of ruminative, perfect-for-Sunday afternoon pop. A swirling […]

YOOV “Two Weeks (FKA Twigs Cover)”

If we’re being honest, a male indie-electro-pop cover of FKA Twigs’ sensual seduction “Two Weeks” is not exactly something we feel is necessary to have in our life, but the idea is intriguing enough to at least demand a curious listen because, hey, you never know. Good thing we went ahead and allowed our curiosity […]

Astronauts, etc. “Fuss”

Cali-based one-man band Astronauts, etc. (the project of Oakland-based Anthony Ferraro) first caught our attention back in 2012 with the gorgeously sprawling, hazed-over bedroom synth-pop found on its debut EP Supermelodic Pulp. Now aligned with Los Angeles indie Hit City U.S.A., the act has made a striking return to the scene, previewing forthcoming EP Sadie […]