Jake Troth “Material Things”

Previously heralded around these parts for his remix of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” as well as an indie-pop-flavored re-working of T-Pain’s “Chopped & Screwed”, North Carolina singer-songwriter Jake Troth proves he can produce approving original material as well with new single “Material Things”, a whistle-and-handclap-laden cut that somewhat sarcastically hypes a good life with high-priced […]

In-Box Pile-Up

Every music blogger will feel the Maestro’s pain when it comes to the overly-packed in-box. Filled to the brim with PR’s showcasing that “hot new indie artist” whose bandwagon you just HAVE to jump on early, “exclusive” remixes that have obviously been CC’d to damn near everyone else on the Hype Machine/ Elbo.ws circuit, the […]