Jojo “Andre”

On “Andre”, the latest preview to her forthcoming mixtape Agape, Jojo continues to shine a blaringly bright light on how it makes little sense why she isn’t on the front lines of mainstream pop-soul diva-dom. With producer Mr. Frank extending Jojo’s admiration for the “genreless” sound with a electro shimmer that neatly transitions into a […]

JoJo “We Get By”

JoJo‘s long-in-the-making third album may continue to frustratingly not have a release date, but we can at least be thankful that the former teen pop princess-turned-Internet sensation seems to be making it a priority to keep firm grasp of the career resuscitating momentum of Web hits, following up her amazing 2011 remix of Drake’s “Marvin’s […]

Jojo “Anything”

Never one to hit a bad note, Jojo has always seemed like the real deal, even if her two biggest hits (“Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late”) were obvious carbon copies of eachother and her young age made adults feel awkward being fans of her. On her newest single, “Anything”, Jojo gets some […]