Dickystixxx “Make Me Feel Better”

An unfortunate byproduct of everyone pretty much being in agreement that Motown was the bestest at churning out timeless pop perfection is that musicians are always looking to try to bring some sort of “fresh”, modern spin on the legendary label’s many classics. Most often the response to these “updates” end up falling somewhere between […]

Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing (Euneverse Remix)”

Do we really need another electro remixer giving chintzy synths makeover to our favorite jams? Probably not, but there is something quite charming in what Canadian producer Euneverse (government: Andrei Diaconu) does with this plinky and starry-eyed spin on Marvin Gaye’s 1982 bedroom classic “Sexual Healing”. Supporting Gaye’s classic horndog pleading and the track’s doo-woppy […]