Paul Littlewood “Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover)”

While the “something borrowed” concept at the heart of Paul Littlewood‘s new EP Second Hand is charming enough–finding the English singer-songwriter covering other people’s songs using only a neighboor’s 8-track recorder he’s borrowed and used instruments picked up from charity shops and pals–none of it would matter if the material wasn’t up to snuff. Thankfully, […]

Austin Paul “D I S P A R I A”

Lined with lyrics pitching some heavy inward-gazing ruminations on personal faith, and built on an enamoring sonic construct blending classic pop-soul melodicism with an experimental electronic edge, “D I S P A R I A” is one of those breath-halting records that, on first listen, leaves you walking away feeling like you’ve just been introduced […]

Jimi Nxir “Thundher”

A couple months after stealing our attention with the eerily sensual groove “Sensation”, NYC-based 21-year-old (and latest enticing entry in the increasingly crowded “enigmatic indie-R&B” scene) Jimi Nxir has returned, offering a second preview of his fall-due EP GXLD in the form of new release “Thundher”. Keeping in line with its predecessor, “Thundher” lands as […]

Nina Yasmineh “Hurricane Drops”

Looking to add her name to the increasingly crowded pool of indie-pop newcomers one should keep an eye on, NYC-based triple-threat Nina Yasmineh should have little problem drumming up blog buzz as more ears begin to fall on her new EP Seven Years, a four-track mini-set highlighted by stark, self-produced piano- and synth-pop arrangements and […]

Lorde “Tennis Court”

Backed by a varied array of trendy blog-pop sounds and armed with a husky vocal tone and clever songwriting chops that both sound like they should be emanating from a talent at least twice her age, with a few sample listens of sixteen-year-old New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde‘s output, it’s easy to figure out why she […]

Jimi Nxir “Sensation”

Except for some ghostly murmurings, there really aren’t any vocals to be found in the first sixty seconds of newcomer Jimi Nxir‘s “Sensation”, yet never once does the record even edge into the realm of being boring, thanks to ever-busy Brooklyn multi-talent Melo-X putting in some serious production work with a mesmerizing groove made of […]

Dan Croll “Compliment Your Soul”

Depending on who’s asking, someone stepping to you with the line “I just want to compliment your soul” could either be hella sweet, hella creepy or hella corny. In the hands of British alt-pop singer-songwriter Dan Croll, desperately trying to right his past wrongs and convince an on-and-off girlfriend that he’s now ready for them […]