Thanking Drake ‘Later’

If the releases of official lead singles “Over” and “Find Your Love” and the seemingly endless stream of leaks that littered the Web in the weeks after taught us anything about Drake‘s Thank Me Later, it was mostly that the Canadian rapper’s much-anticipated debut wasn’t going be the instantaneously-heralded classic many had prematurely hyped it […]

Eve “Fire”

Eve kicked 2010 off with the announcement that she was parting ways with long-time label Interscope and re-entering the studio to start piecing together a new new incarnation of her long-delayed fourth LP; in response, we couldn’t even muster up the mildest of shrugs. Why, you may ask? Let’s just say it’s hard getting excited […]

Swizz Beatz featuring Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Cross “Up In The Club (Remix)”

For this upgrade to his late ’08-leaked Weezy-assist “Up In The Club”, Swizz Beatz trades in the obscure, mid-90’s Brit-pop sample reference of the original for the far more familiar old-school knock of “It Takes Two”, effectively transforming “Club” from a mild head-nodder to a surefire banger. No alcohol in your system? No problem, as […]

Busta Rhymes featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain and Akon “Arab Money (Remix)”

Back in the day, you were damn near guaranteed something special everytime Busta Rhymes dropped a new record. His penchant for rousing hooks, otherworldly beatscapes built from obscure samples and kooky eye-popping music videos with multi-million dollar budgets awarded listeners with a slew of left-field bangers that still snatch up major props to this day. […]