paces feat. kucka - nothing's forever

PACES featuring Kučka “Nothing’s Forever”

“Nothing’s Forever”, the latest single from Aussie beatsmith-on-the-rise PACES, is one of those records that bulges with so many sugary pop thrills, it very nearly feels capable of giving you diabetes of the eardrums. Yes, there’s some drama unfolding in the text (“You’re meeting your friends out/ I’m leaving alone/ When everyone’s looking/ You put […]

wolf saga x lyon - you only live once (the strokes cover)

Wolf Saga featuring LYON “You Only Live Once (The Strokes Cover)”

So, in most fans’ eyes, The Strokes didn’t manage to live up to the Saviors of Rock!! hyperbole that unfairly suffocated their heavily-blogged-about buzzworthy beginnings; that lightning-in-bottle combination of critical acclaim, swaggering leather jacket cool and garage-rock excellence was a blend that was bound to veer left in some way or another. As their increasingly […]

AlunaGeorge “Supernatural”

From the many futuro-sleek morsels of hookery found on their 2013 debut Body Music to their many blog-beloved remixes and smash Disclosure collaboration “White Noise”, London duo AlunaGeorge made crafting infectious synth&b offerings (with a slight experimental twinge) seem ridiculously easy. A brief hiatus later, hearing new entry “Supernatural” proves the act have lost none […]

Saint Pepsi “Fiona Coyne”/ “Fall Harder”

The past year, Saint Pepsi (otherwise known as producer Ryan DeRobertis) made himself into an Internet phenomenon of sorts off the strength of a string of edits that smeared, chopped and tweaked R&B, disco and pop samples into sometimes-funky/ other-times-smooth-n’-sexy, daydream-like grooves perfectly befitting fun, made-up genre titles like “vaporwave”, “lovestep” and “vaporboogie”. So why […]

Lemonade “Come Down Softly”

Brooklyn-based alt-pop band Lemonade already have a summer-friendly name, but as their last album, 2012’s Diver, proved, the music they produced could be just as complimentary to the hottest time of the year, the full-length’s collection of bright and synth-drizzled tropical-pop workouts feeling like they should have come with a coupon for happy hour margaritas […]

La Roux “Let Me Down Gently”

Five long years after La Roux led its blog-backed buzz to worldwide success on the backs of brain-stapling singles like “In For The Kill” and “Bulletproof”, the English synth-pop act have returned, climbing back up from the oh-so-dangerous cliffs of the edge of our collective memory brandishing a brand new single and the long-awaited release […]

Haerts “Call My Name”

Those in favor of sweeping, romantic synth-pop epics that felt time-morphed straight from the ’80’s found a new band to love when it came to indie pop outfit Haerts, a Brooklyn-based four-piece who became near-instant blog darlings with sublime entries like “Wings” and “All The Days” led off by the gorgeous, Stevie Nicks-hued growls of […]

Ed Thomas “Let It Take”

Having already risen up the buzzworthy ranks after owning some major blogosphere real estate with solo jams “On My Own” and “Hurt”, British newcomer Ed Thomas has gone ahead and further solidified 2014 as his breakout year with the release of his debut EP Outlaws, a five-track collection that lives up to the singer-songwriter-producer’s early […]

Paperwhite “Got Me Goin”

While we could think of plenty of cons of being in a band made up of your siblings, as groups like the Jackson 5 and Haim have shown us in the past, there can be a certain magical spark conjured in being talented bandmates with blood ties. Pitching a pretty strong introductory look with debut […]