R. Kelly featuring T-Pain & Keyshia Cole “Number One (Remix)”/ Shakira featuring T-Pain “She-Wolf (Remix)”

Jay-Z tried, but sadly his grumpy old rapper efforts were, it seems, for naught. As if “D.O.A” never meant anything (which, to be honest, it kinda didn’t about a nanosecond after first hearing it), T-Pain, one of the bigger faces of the “Auto-Tune” movement that’s suffocated the pop, R&B and rap music scenes in recent […]

Telephoned “Turn My Swag On” featuring Telli Federline (Soulja Boy Cover)/ “Can’t Believe It (T-Pain Cover)”

DJ/ producer Sammy Bananas and singer Maggie Horn make up Telephoned, a duo out of New York whose sole gig apparently is to flip inescapable rap hits of recent memory into wicked, almost-unrecognizable clubby confections. But don’t dare label their efforts as “covers” or “remixes”, because, as their MySpace states, what the dual force are […]

Busta Rhymes featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain and Akon “Arab Money (Remix)”

Back in the day, you were damn near guaranteed something special everytime Busta Rhymes dropped a new record. His penchant for rousing hooks, otherworldly beatscapes built from obscure samples and kooky eye-popping music videos with multi-million dollar budgets awarded listeners with a slew of left-field bangers that still snatch up major props to this day. […]