Odds N Ends Vol. 4: Random R&B Delights

Monica featuring Missy Elliott & Notorious B.I.G. “Everything To Me (Remix)”/ “Blackberry” While most other mainstream R&B artists are too busy trying to keep the kids’ attention by sounding like malfunctioning robots and wannabe rappers, or awkwardly straining (and usually failing) to inject as much soul as possible in between club-happy house thumps and electro […]

One 2 Watch: Jack Splash

Jack Splash has quietly made a name for himself over the past few years in his roles as singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. Besides drawing raving acclaim for his contributions to Plantlife, a wildly entertaining, three-albums-deep funk outfit based out of L.A., he’s also hooked up some of the brightest talents in modern-day R&B (Alicia […]

R. Kelly featuring T-Pain & Keyshia Cole “Number One (Remix)”/ Shakira featuring T-Pain “She-Wolf (Remix)”

Jay-Z tried, but sadly his grumpy old rapper efforts were, it seems, for naught. As if “D.O.A” never meant anything (which, to be honest, it kinda didn’t about a nanosecond after first hearing it), T-Pain, one of the bigger faces of the “Auto-Tune” movement that’s suffocated the pop, R&B and rap music scenes in recent […]

Telephoned “Turn My Swag On” featuring Telli Federline (Soulja Boy Cover)/ “Can’t Believe It (T-Pain Cover)”

DJ/ producer Sammy Bananas and singer Maggie Horn make up Telephoned, a duo out of New York whose sole gig apparently is to flip inescapable rap hits of recent memory into wicked, almost-unrecognizable clubby confections. But don’t dare label their efforts as “covers” or “remixes”, because, as their MySpace states, what the dual force are […]

Busta Rhymes featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain and Akon “Arab Money (Remix)”

Back in the day, you were damn near guaranteed something special everytime Busta Rhymes dropped a new record. His penchant for rousing hooks, otherworldly beatscapes built from obscure samples and kooky eye-popping music videos with multi-million dollar budgets awarded listeners with a slew of left-field bangers that still snatch up major props to this day. […]