Drake featuring Lil’ Wayne “The Motto”

With the November 15th release date of Drake’s Take Care looming closer, the rapper has been unleashing preview leaks left and right to strengthen fan anticipation. After taking things slow with last week’s “Houstatlantavegas” girl R&B shout-out/ “Stevie Wonder”-as-verb establishing “The Real Her” leak, Drizzy takes it back to the club floor with new bonus […]

Drake featuring Rick Ross “Free Spirit”/ Waka Flocka featuring Drake “Round of Applause (Remix)”

Now these are more what we talking about. Drake freebies No. 2 and 3 for the night right their predecessor’s wrong by both being something we could bump on a club-hopping Saturday night out. “Free Spirit” may still be based around Noah Shebib’s beloved late-night atmospherics, but plant a skittering drum track, a speedy Drizzy […]

Drake “Headlines”

Not content with resting on his laurels after launching a mini-phenomenon of sorts with his oft-remade summer freebie “Marvin’s Room”, Drake returns with the proper first single to the forthcoming Take Care, a blistering joint that previews that Drake has moved on from talking about getting famous, then ruminating on what comes to finally achieving […]

Drake “Marvin’s Room”

Take Care teaser no. 2 “Marvin’s Room” keeps Drake where he works best: stewing over his inner thoughts in a seamless singing-to-rapping-to-singing vocal delivery amidst a sea of nocturnal-cloaked deep groove. It’s a signature style that attaches itself well to the late-night drunk-dialing scenario Drizzy brings to life here, as the effects of endless rounds […]