Y.N.RichKids “Hot Cheetos & Takis”

Every few years, a schoolyard hip-pop novelty arises that’s so ear-wormingly infectious, it has adults well past high school graduation age memorizing lyrics and choreography and moved to go stupid on a crowded dance floor when a DJ gives it a spin. In the past this specific brand of guilty pleasure has included everything from […]

Azealia Banks “212”

Busting its hip-house moves like The Jungle Brothers’ “I’ll House You” and Queen Latifah’s “Come Into My House” (“GIVE ME BODY!)” never faded from dominating the East Coast’s underground club playlists, “212”, by Harlem-ite Azealia Banks, lands as an enticing point-of-introduction for those not yet aware of the buzzed-about newcomer, a 20-year-old rapper-singer seemingly built […]

Dionne Bromfield featuring Diggy Simmons “Yeah Right”

Following the release of Amy Winehouse’s mega-successful Back To Black, numerous acts, both male and female (and mostly from the UK), began popping up pushing their own individual slants on that album’s contemporized old-soul sound, with one of the more stunning of the “Winehouse-wannabes” being the “Rehab” singer’s own goddaughter Dionne Bromfield. Blessed with these […]

Rye Rye “Ryeot PowRR” (Mixtape)

For those looking to shed some of those extra pounds before the summer season hits, work-out sessions set to the pummeling aural assault of M.I.A. protogee Rye Rye‘s new mixtape Ryeot PowRR would surely have one in tip-top shape in almost no time flat. Boasting a seemingly endless supply of the twenty-year-old rapper/ dancer’s extra-caffeinated, […]

Willow Smith “Whip My Hair”

Be honest. If someone you thought of as a good friend was to tell you, with the utmost sincerity, that their favorite jam of the moment was a club banger by some nine-year-old celebrity kid, you’d probably spend more than a few seconds having an internal conversation with yourself wondering if you needed to de-friend […]