The Ting Tings “Hang It Up”

Over a year after first teasing their still-unreleased second album with the sleek ’80’s disco strut of “Hands”, English duo The Ting Tings have finally gotten around to producing a follow-up effort in the form of “Hang It Up”, a return-to-cheerleader-hookery-form that should take them back to their advert-friendly heights where the band seemed to […]

The Ting Tings “Hands (Acoustic)”

The Tings Tings aren’t the kind of band one typically goes to when something calm and soothing is craved, but the duo show that there’s more to them than bratty synth-pop jams on this gorgeous acoustic rendition of current single “Hands” they recently brought to BBC Switch’s The 5:19 Show. Stripped-down to nothing but a […]

The Ting Tings “Hands”

As a jump-off cut for second album Kunst, The Tings Tings could’ve easily simply Xerox’ed the irresistible funk-pop guitar grooves and ridiculously catchy cheerleader-esque hooks of their debut album’s singles/ advertisements for everything (“Great DJ”, “That’s Not My Name”, “Shut Up and Let Me Go”) and been totally fine. But nooooo, the UK duo just […]

In-Box Pile-Up

Every music blogger will feel the Maestro’s pain when it comes to the overly-packed in-box. Filled to the brim with PR’s showcasing that “hot new indie artist” whose bandwagon you just HAVE to jump on early, “exclusive” remixes that have obviously been CC’d to damn near everyone else on the Hype Machine/ circuit, the […]