The xx “Shelter (BeazyTymes Remix)”

With his remix of The xx’s “Hot Like Fire” making ground into being an Internet smash, teen-aged producer BeazyTymes opts to follow the “If it ain’t broke…” motif for his latest tune, a return to the The xx catalog that finds him taking on the band’s debut album cut “Shelter” and giving it a modern-day […]

The xx “Hot Like Fire (BeazyTymes Remix)”

Is it just us or does it seem like the new breed of talented beatmakers are getting younger and younger by the week? Chicago-born producer BeazyTymes may only be seventeen years old, but one wouldn’t know it when tuning into his excellent latest creation, a remix of The xx’s fan-beloved Aaliyah cover “Hot Like Fire” […]

The xx “Together”

At this point, any day that involves something new dropping from The xx should really be considered some type of global holiday. “Together”, the UK act’s contribution to the heavily anticipated/ Jay-Z exec-produced soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann/ Leo DiCaprio silver screen behemoth The Great Gatsby, made its premiere in full today, and it pretty much […]

The xx “Finally (Kings of Tomorrow Cover)”

While the music blogosphere is filled with many copied-and-pasted gushings over certain songs and artists, few things have the power to unite as many giddy bloggers as much as the event-like spectacle of The xx covering…well anything. Oliver and Romy’s signature indie gloom-cloaked Valentine’s Day remake of Beyonce’s “I Miss You” hasn’t even had a […]

The xx “Chained”

Few sounds in modern-day pop are as intoxicating to the earbudded dome as the whisper-quiet intensity conjured by voices of Oliver Sims and Romy Madley-Croft circling around eachother to Jamie Smith’s sparse, goth-gloom concoctions, so it’s all kind of fantastic that “Chained”, the second preview of The xx’ highly anticipated Coexist following on-line insta-smash “Angels”, […]

The xx “Angels”

The xx‘ sophomore adventure Coexist (due September 11th) has been hotly anticipated for so long, if the indie pop sensation had opted to switch gears in some extreme way and preview the album with an out-of-character stab at loud-loud-LOUD dubstep or something, they likely would’ve still ended up at the top of the Hype Machine […]