Låpsley “Falling Short”

Boasting an enchanting combo of intriguingly complex vocal arrangements and icily understated electro-pop productions, 18-year-old Liverpool-based talent Låpsley immediately leap-frogged to the head of the buzzworthy class earlier this year thanks to a string of killer solo gems “Station” and “Painter (valentine)” and equally beguiling collaborative one-offs. All these months (and a big co-sign from […]

Ohlayindigo “Heartbeat”

We’ve all been there. When every fiber of your being and every thought that drifts through your mind is all about THAT ONE PERSON and no one or no thing can put an end to your obsession. That the “giddy in love” trope is so relatable is why it’s such a tried and true pop […]

Years and Years “Take Shelter”

Nothing fits the summer season better than a skanking island groove that puts your hips in dry-humping mode, ready to give your all in trying to get any and all sources of oxygen around you pregnant. That said, the loping, reggaeton-hued rhythm that intros London electro-pop Years and Years‘ newest single “Take Shelter” is all […]

Sam Smith “Life Support”

While Sam Smith has more than proved his ability to fill souls to the rim with sonic comfort food no matter a record’s tempo, the UK crooner has arguably shined best when backed by stripped down arrangements and digging his silken vocals into more anguished emotions, blessing us with a classy, soulful respite from the […]

La Roux “Let Me Down Gently”

Five long years after La Roux led its blog-backed buzz to worldwide success on the backs of brain-stapling singles like “In For The Kill” and “Bulletproof”, the English synth-pop act have returned, climbing back up from the oh-so-dangerous cliffs of the edge of our collective memory brandishing a brand new single and the long-awaited release […]

Fickle Friends “SWIM”

It’s during this time, the worst weeks of wintertime, that finding something, anything, that gives you some little piece of summer warmth becomes the daily mission. For us, this usually involves some sort of tasty, citrus-flavored alcoholic beverage with an umbrella in the glass, though a far more sobering alternative can be an effervescent pop […]

Laura Welsh “Undiscovered”

With the sultry, sophisticated soul-pop goodness UK newcomer Laura Welsh has been serving on recent releases “Unravel” and “Cold Front”, her as-yet-untitled debut (due out in early 2014) has quickly carved out ground on our radar as an album to check for. The Dev Hynes-co-written/ Emile Haynie-produced “Undiscovered” is that project’s newest official single teaser […]

Ellie Goulding “Burn”

ellie gould Between albums, singles, videos, remixes, high-profile collaborations with others and stunning cover song uploads, Ellie Goulding seems to never not have something new out for her fans to chew on, which, considering how cool her distinctive coos sound singing basically anything, makes it difficult to take issue with her omnipresence. With the announced […]

London Grammar “Interlude (Live)”

Since arriving seemingly out of nowhere at the tail-end of 2012 with the captivating “Hey Now”, UK three-piece London Grammar have only continued to forge ground as one of the the year’s most promising new finds, strengthening their buzz further with the February release of their debut EP/ forthcoming LP teaser, Metal & Dust. During […]