trails and ways - skeletons

Trails and Ways “Skeletons”

Masters of dreamy-pop gems seasoned with a warm continental-hopping flair, Cali-based Trails and Ways earned plenty of blogosphere praise a couple years back with tunes like “Mtn Tune” and “Border Crosser” and splendid reinterpretations of fan faves from M83 and Miguel. After some extended time spent noodling around in their drummer Ian Quirk’s bedroom studio, […]

maria sweet

Maria Sweet “With Time”

While we routinely come across bands who seem to struggle with coming up with one good hook, every once in awhile an act emerges with a tune bursting at its seams with so many earworms it almost seems unfair. Maria Sweet, a four-piece rock outfit from Redlands, California, definitely fall in the latter category with […]

mura masa - someday somewhere

Mura Masa featuring Jay Prince “Low”

Coming across super-talented teenage artists can hit the adult spirit like a double-edged sword. It’s exciting to get an early glimpse at the intriguing routes music can take in the days, months and years to come, but damn if catching onto the spectacular waves of someone with eons less life experience makes you feel like […]

janelle monae x jidenna - yoga

Janelle Monae & Jidenna “Yoga”

Being a Super-Stan for all things Janelle Monae, of course we already had our calendars marked for May 6th, the planned date for The Eephus, an EP compilation putting the spotlight on Janelle and her eclectic Wondaland Arts Society crew. The thirst got even more real once we laid our ears on, and subsequently became […]

sakima - kiss me

Sakima “Kiss Me”

Waaaay back in 2013, we came across “The Man You Lost”, a heart-melting gem from London-based multi-talent Isaac Sakima that pushed hard on all of our vulnerability buttons thanks to its beautifully devastating, stripped-down snapshot of the post-break-up blues. Fast-forward a couple years and the singer/ songwriter/ producer, now going by the much simpler Sakima, […]

vic mensa - u mad

Vic Mensa featuring Kanye West “U Mad”

From the impressive and acclaimed strands of his earlier mixtapes, guest turns and one-off creations (most notably last year’s house-inspired UK Top 40-charting workout “Down On My Luck”), Vic Mensa‘s ascension from blog phenom to above-ground sensation has felt like a definite turn-of-events for awhile now. Cut to 2015 and Mensa snatching up a guest […]